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Why Pink is one of the best voices of our time.

Monday, January 24, 2011 0 comments

Since her 'Can't take me home' days that was released in year 2000 Pink has gone a long way. Exploring the genre of R&B to break into the market, she then continuously experimented with other genre like the OST of Moulin Rouge!, Lady Marmalade Pink never ceased to ceased to amaze the industry with her unique voice and amazing talent.

Misery feat Steven Tyler

Imagine feat Seal and India Arie

Let's raise our glasses to the magnificent PINK!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011 0 comments

Your time and sweat are worth it when you see that your effort reaches out and helps spread the word.

When you know you're a step closer to giving the less fortunate a hope for a brighter future, you'll stop at nothing to make sure they'll live to live it.

CARE: Defending Dignity. Fighting Poverty

Monday, January 10, 2011 0 comments

Have you heard of Care? Or should i ask do you know which are the foundations behind the helping hand and restoration of Haiti or the 2010 flood in Pakistan?

CARE was founded in 1945, after the World War II to provide aid for the survivors of the Similar to WFP, ( check out this blog entry in July 2010, World Food Program- Hope for the Hunger ) CARE is an non-profit organization aiming to fight global poverty and providing help for women. Simply because CARE believes women have the power to help, provide and care for their families with the proper equipment and sources. By helping to improve the life of every family, we are also helping to improve the whole community and save a nation from hunger.

Food Distribution Center, Gonaives : Haitian women fighting over a sack of rice to feed their families.

Picture credit to: Baraka

CARE's main aim is to help women to improve education, health-care in terms of sanitation and curbing the widespread of HIV, providing clean supply of water, create more economic opportunities and protect their natural sources.

Waiting in line: Haitian women taking their children to be inoculated.

Photo by: Sophia Paris

In the midst of chaos and cries of their children, these women not only have to scurry to feed their family, they also have to deal with the revolting increment of rape cases, human trafficking and the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cholera. It is heart wrenching to watch children as young as 2 years old falling prey to sexual assault simply because those men were bored, frustrated, vengeful and any form of authority and infrastructure were swept away during the flood, they did it simply because they could. When tragedy strikes and people are desperate for salvation, this is when human take advantage on the less fortunate for their own gain. We are in our own way merciless predators when we let the animal in us take over.

According to the article by Jane Helpern : Rape, Violence, Twitter and Haiti in October 2010, Mother Jones’s journalist named Mac McClelland twitted on the 23rd of September 2010 while she was on her way to a Haiti hospital with a girl who was gang raped and then tongue was bitten off. Upon their arrival in the hospital, sheposted an update on the twitter explaining that the victim was reprimanded by the male doctor treating her, saying it was “her fault she got raped because she’s a slut and smokes pot."

The fourteen year old Haiti Rape Victim

As if the impact of the earthquake wasn’t devastating enough to the victim, she has to endure the stigma of being sexually violated and a loss of limb. For centuries, women have been blamed for getting rape. They are accused of encouraging, luring by dressing inappropriately, tempting men into raping them therefore it is not the fault of these men that women are sexually abused. So, it goes without saying that if a child stole a cookie, the cookie is to be blamed for tempting the child and not the child who acted on impulse? Let’s move on with the subject at hand, talking about rape can get me going for days with no mercy.

Begging for food: An elderly women sleeping outside of her nursing home with the other occupant in Port-au-Prince, starving.

Picture by : Alfred de Montesquiou / Associated Press

The January 12 earthquake took away the life 8 residents, 6 were killed during the earthquake while the other 2 passed of hunger and exhaustion. Several of them were desperately clinging for their life. Two of the elderly who hadn’t been conscious for days were put away at a corner so that the sorrowful sight of the departing fellow pensioners wouldn’t affect the others. They are in dire need of food and medicine to survive.

In the aftermath of the flood, many of the victims died or are dying of Cholera. According to Yveline (one of the 333 children sent to school) in an article by Staci Dixon on November 12, 2010 "Cholera should not kill so many people. The problem is that we have little sanitation infrastructure, and now with Tomas' flooding it is even worse. We have very poor land management. We cut too many trees with no plans, and did not pay attention to our natural resources. Now, it is our infrastructure that is missing. We do not have enough gutters, and we do not care enough for our environment." Up-to-date, CARE has helped educate the Haitian on proper sanitation, disease prevention (cholera) and the importance of natural resources and land management. As part of the project, 333 children were sent to school for proper education in Gonaives.

A CARE volunteer hands a Haitian man cholera treatment and prevention items.

Picture by: CARE

CARE has also extended their helping hand to Pakistan, where the flood has taken hundreds of lives.

Every time I look at these pictures, faces of innocent victims and children who suffered such natural atrocity without understanding why and what was happening to them makes me want to scream and pummel the ones responsible for their pain and anguish. With my bare hands I want to scoop those children into my arms and take them away or suck dry the water to end their torment. Alas, reality will always throw you back where you belong, here I am only able to spread the word and contribute to the fund as much as I could. Knowing not everybody could afford to personally run the rescue of these victims (be it time or money), CARE and many other foundations are here to rescue these victims on our behalf.

Therefore, we should support CARE and other charity foundations alike in their cause. Contribute a fraction of you lunch money to keep these victims alive and to gives these children hope for the future. To make a contribution go to CARE official website: http://www.care.org/

I plead to all of you, save these innocent lives.