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The reunion of TDOE

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reminiscence of a life chapter

Sitting on the barricade along Gurney Drive with the other three girls who made my form 6 experience a colorful one, i felt the weight of bliss pressing on my chest. Ringing honks and roaring engines behind us went deaf to our ears as we look out at the ceasing low tide. All we heard were the ringing of stories accumulated over the months and the roaring of each other's chortle. A reunion never fails to bring back tender memories, bittersweet reminiscence of laughter and tears.

The three beautiful girls.

But often, it is more of a recollection of all the things that you can never get back and all that is left is the engraved image in your mind and heart. I breathed in the chilly air into my lungs(albeit a little bit polluted) , trying to remember the essence of saline that had always lingered in the atmosphere. My lungs tasted it and i immediately recognize the familiarty of it yet it isnt exactly the same as i remembered it. Memories can never match up to the present and vice versa. On the surface things may look the same but i know it can never be, ever again, it's a fact of life. Just like the air.


We had wonderful memories together in school, performing, music and singing were the mad passion shared by the four of us back then. Now, our jokes, laughters, and interaction resonated the same way, it was as if time stood still for us (Although between cass and i time is nonexistent). One is still as silly as ever, one is never dry of juicy stories and the other one is as crazy as ever (me) but amid all that i knew something has changed. That's us up there, TDOE. They said a picture speaks a thousand words, but does it really? Look at that, the same smile, the same bright eyes, the same warmth. A picture doesnt speak a thousand words. A picture speaks what we want it to speak.

Looking at the reflection of the waxing moon on the rising low tide.

I was the catalyst of the monsoon amidst the stagnant chilly air but i did what i had to do. There is no trace of regret at the back of my mind nor do i dread the change because i know that i did the right thing. Things can revert back to the was, only if desired.
When you know a mons0on rain is hitting, you sojourn under a shelter and the shelter is your home. I've found home.


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