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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I dreamt of a man whom face i couldn't see yet i knew who it was. In that dream he forced a pill down my throat and then told me that it was poison and that it would kill in a matter of minutes.
He appologized to me before dissapearing into thin air. I was horrified, and as i picked myself up from the floor i knew i was still alright yet i could feel the poison seeping slowly through my body from the inside. I felt myself dying with every ticking second.
At that moment i knew my only choice was to remove the poison myself, it was the only way for me to survive.
At first i tried coughing it out but the surge of death grew stronger and i was rapidly losing control of my body. So i stuck my fingers down my throat and purged and purged till i felt myself coming to life again.


  1. Anonymous said...

    It's amazing that you are this strong, even in your dreams.

    Too many people take the other way out in life

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