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Half Man, Half Woman?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Half Man, Half Woman?

Half Male, Half Female?

No, I’m not talking about Bapok aka Ah Kua (Transvestite).

I’m talking about being females with an emotional understanding of a woman and a rational of a man.

An all female, female may not understand the way they see things.

They are like wild flowers, delicate looking but feral beyond imaginations.

Or maybe diamonds, fragile looking from the exterior but when you learn what they are made of you realize how strong they actually are.

Guys find it easy hanging out with these wildflowers because most times they see things from male’s point of view not forgetting they have the male’s taste too. So, their boyfriends should find it easy being with them, no?

Less insecurity issues, no god-forbids-long-hour-shopping problems, less nagging, less sulking, less fragile, less fake, less damsel-in-distress situations, less crying, less whining and most important, less needy, less clingy, less 24/7 texting and long hours phone calls, in other words almost total freedom except for the attached part though.

But the nature of human beings is that they tend to take things for granted.

I had a long chat with one of my guy friend yesterday, and he told me some things that triggered me to write this. So there are days when you guys do take her for granted, these are the things that go through her mind:

The Female Emotional Side: “It’s late and he’s not home yet. Having too much fun that he forgot home?”

The Male Rational Side: “He spent the whole day with me. He deserves to spend time with his friends. He’ll be home a little later than usual I guess.”

The Female Emotional Side:” It’s really late. Where could he have gone? He didn’t even call or dropped me a text to tell me where he is or just to inform me he’ll be back late.”

The Male Rational Side : “He’s obviously out of credit. He’s often like that, anyway.

The Female Emotional Side: “If he’s out of credit can’t he borrow someone’s phone for a bit just to drop me a text instead of making me worry and wait?”

The Male Rational Side: “Maybe he feels awkward doing that, must be the whole male pride thing? Or maybe he’s a bit busy?”

The Female Emotional Side: “Should I call him instead? What if something actually happened to him?”

The Male Rational Side: “Why should not bother him. Stop acting so clingy like a damn girl! Let the man have his privacy. He needs a day without me.“

Isn’t this is always the case? If not exactly then probably pretty similar, right?

So no wonder there are songs out there that speak about being a boy for example “if I were a boy” and “like a boy”. See What I mean?

Like a Boy

“Girl go ahead and be just like him
Go run the streets just like him
Go home missin' sleep like 'em, creep like 'em
Front wit' you friends, act hard when you with them like him”
“Wish we could switch up the roles and I could be that
Tell you I love you but when you call, I never get back
Would you ask them questions like me, like 'Where you be at?'
'Cuz I'm out, four in the morning on the corner rolling doing my own thing”

Guys take your time to reflect if you’ve ever taken your girl for granted regardless wether they are all female or the masculine female. Owh, and try reading through the lyrics of these songs, you might just learn a thing or two.

Just think, if she does the exact same thing? How would you feel? If cant imagine how you'd feel then, think, how would you react?


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