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Thursday, August 20, 2009



Suspected H1N1.

Here is the screwed up part though:

1. My PTPTN submission is tomorrow
2. I am as sick as a dog
3. My boyfriend is in KK
4. I am a student of UTAR. (This should actually top my list but since i'm too sick to spend too much time typing, i'll leave it there.)

Disclaimer: This post contains alot of swearing so if you are below 18 or if you are too holy for your own good please exit this post.

I am right now alone in my room and as sick as a fucking dog. If the medication i took don't work within 24 hours, i will probably be on my way to the tripple story masion reserved for me in hell soon.

My PTPTN loan submission is tomorrow but i was advised by the doctor to go back to Penang, so that i can be in the care of my family. So i called UTAR asking for their kind helping hands
towards a student who is paying close to 5OOOk very four months to their organization, to maybe arrange somethiing with the PTPTN officers so that my application can be submitted earlier. Because it is fucking impossible for me to line up and stand for hours in a throng of people in the state i'm in right now.

Here's the reply i get, " I'm sorry, we are not in control of this to arrange for early submission for you.


So i called Navin and the kind soul went on his way to campus to check if my submission can be done today instead of tomorrow of if i can send a representative to submit it all the certified documents for me because i am sick, quarantined because i'm suspected to have H1N1.

They told him, NO, i have to be there. Which part of me being sick don't they FUCKING understand?

and then he asked if he could arrange a one on one session for me or atleast let me go through first tomorrow early morning so if it is H1N1 I wouldn't be risking other students.

They simply told him that they can't waste time on one student like that to have one on one session because they are busy.

Next, Navin went to DSA to ask them for help and you know what they said to him? If it's H1n1 they will not risk me coming to campus.

Are they fucking kidding me??? which part of having to submit PTPTN application doesn't ring the "important bell"to them? Fuck, and they dare say they wouldn't risk me coming to campus when they wouldn't help me in the first fucking place? What kind of fucking joke is that?

You know what? Screw it, screw them. I'm gonna marchinto the hall tomorrow and go right up to their faces and tell them that I AM A SUSPECT OF H1N1 WHO RiGHT NOW IS UNDER QUARANTINED, IF YOU WANT ME TO GET OUT OF HERE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE YOU ARE GOING TO LET ME GO THROUGH FIRST AND SIGN THIS FUCKING APPLICATION FORM FOR ME.



  1. {estel} said...

    babe...i would so call u right nw bt im outta credit..bt i wat i really want 2 say is WAT DE FUCK???!!!! continued by more curses on ur behalf....n then im gonna say babe!!!dun go 2 de tripple story mansion yet!!! :( u better get better...i love u!!!muacks...also if it was a telephone conversation...it would be much longer :) i will come visit u k!!!

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