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Playboy Star/Model turned Bodybuilder?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Have you ever heard of Jodie Marsh?

She is a 31 year old, 5 feet 2 model who became famous after appearing on a british TV show, "Essex Wives".

This is Jodie Marsh.

Yup.... as you can see she is famous for her 32GG size, Implants of course.

That looks uncomfortable.... i bet i can use those as punching bag... XD

......famous also for her extremely disaterous fashion sense... Wtf is that? alien cowgirl?

AAAAAnywayyyy..... back to the actual point of this post, Jodie Marsh is known in the British tabloids as boobs without brain, gaining popularity and attention by dressing scantily, flashing her boobs at paparazis, dressing in the strangest outfit u can think of, looking for a husband in a reality TV show... bottomline is, she is known for fishing for cheap publicity using her body and ahemnn... fake assets...

Well, apart from her assets, i dont think she has a good body... until recently when i saw this...

I litterally went HOLLYSHIT!

Major, major transition! According to mirror .uk, Jodie is apparently considering to trade modelling for bodybuilding. The highly controvercial model, with a 32GG boobjob has gone from a size 12 to a size 6/8 and her previous soft body is very much toned now. she quits eating junk food, drinking and smoking.

wow right? Damn... even an all boob, no-brainer beat me to it... gotta start working out again!

Thumbs up Jodie, you really proved you've got a least half of an A cup as a brain. I applaud you for the change. :)


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